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Many humanitarian programs struggle with the challenge of collecting basic data about their activities, as old methods of exchanging Excel and Word files by email prove time-consuming and error-prone.

ActivityInfo is an online humanitarian project monitoring tool, which helps humanitarian organizations to collect, manage, map and analyze indicators. ActivityInfo has been developed to simplify reporting and allow for real time monitoring.

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How to make the next step in ActivityInfo: linking budgets to your activities

Most agencies using ActivityInfo have databases and forms in place to follow up activities and programs. But how to make the next steps with budgets and expenditure in designing your forms and databases?

Presenting version 2.9 of ActivityInfo

We're excited to announce that the first round of a series of new features is out of beta and live on www.activityinfo.org!

Join us for the upcoming monthly sessions

Monthly Question and Answer drop-in sessions for current users;
Monthly Demonstration session for new users, interested organisations, consultants and governments.

Development Roundup

Read about the latest updates and fixes relased to ActivityInfo.org this week.